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Top Tips for Clay Shooting

In order for you to be a great skeet shooter, you need to know that this will call for a great deal of hard work and determination. By far and large, great clay shooters had their lessons learnt from personal practice and experience. Nevertheless, most of the veteran skeet shooters concur on some of the following as some of the most essential tips for clay shooting.

First and foremost, talking of clay shooting and the mere fact that it involves the use of guns for the sport, safety should be the natural factor that needs to ring in mind in so far as tips go. The first safety tip that you need to be mindful of is the need to have worn all the essential hearing and eye protection at all times. Always remember to handle your guns as if they were always loaded even though you need to bear in mind the general counsel to ensure that you have it so unloaded until that time that you will be ready to shoot. As well mind the fact that you need to have the gun’s muzzle kept pointing downwards only to be lifted when you are taking a shot. Your gun as well needs to be unloaded whenever you are crossing over a stream, ditch or fence all in the interest of ensuring safety.

The second tip that you will appreciate as a beginner in skeet shooting is that of ensuring that you have found the right fit of gun. This will be necessary so as to be able to shoot where you targeting. As a tip to help you see the fit of the gun, think of testing it prior such as by using a test board, set about 16 yards or so from you. Test it by mounting and shooting at the target without aiming and if you miss the target a number of times, consider fitting your gun.

For precision in shooting, you need to as well know well enough which of your eyes is dominant of the two. Steer as clear as you can from the error that has been the lot of some of the skeet shooters that they judge their eye dominance based on the dominance of their hands, as either left or right eye dominant going by either them left or right-handed.

After you have so determined your dominant eye, you will then need to take your practices for the mounts and this is with the gun not loaded for a start. As a matter of fact, we know of the fact that practice makes perfect and as such even for the best shots, these will only be possible when you have taken enough practice of your shots making these a daily routine.

The Best Advice on Sights I’ve found

The Best Advice on Sights I’ve found